Data Capture Forms & Apps

This will be Weber’s Documentation page.

As of 5/21/18, these are our ‘Alpha’ Relase of Survey Apps As part of BRAT 3.x development, we developed some forms to faciliate data capture of:

  • Independent BRAT Capacity Inference System (i.e. BRAT cFIS)
  • Beaver Dams & Complexes
  • Beaver Activity

These data capture forms were designed to promote the consistent collection of data that can be used for independent analyses in BRAT, model calibration, model validation and verification. Data capture events can take place from field observations, desktop analyses or a combintation. For each of these, we provide paper forms to suffice when technology may fail in the field. However, we created Survey123 Apps as well for our own staff and collaborators to use. The Survey123 apps are not suited for deploying to everyone, but we have documented here how those are created so users can create their own if they deicde to. More importantly, in the documentation here we define:

  • Precisely what to collect and how to make the calls
  • How to prepare the data capture into a format that BRAT can accept it as an input.

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