4-Distance To Water Source Input - Derivation

4. Distance to Water Source Input - Derivation

Task 1: Convert NHD waterbodies to polyline (for distance to water input)

  • Step 1: Use the “Polygon to Line” command:polygon_to_line


  • NHD_Lakes_As_Polyline.shp

  • Step 2: Use the “Merge” command to combine the resulting lakes polyline with the NHD perennial streams include streams outside your project area.


Output: NHD_Lakes_Perennial_Streams.shp

Task 2: Use the Euclidean Distance command to calculate distance to water sources

  • Step 1: Load the input layer, generated in the previous task: NHD_Lakes_Perennial_Streams
  • Step 2: Assign an output grid name

Euclidean_Distance (1)


  • NHD_Lakes_Streams_For Euclidean_Distance.img

  • Step 3: Clip the output raster NHD_Lakes_Streams_For Euclidean_Distance.img by your area of interest.

Use “Extract by Mask”:


Step 4: Convert to an ASCII raster using the “Raster to ASCII” command.


Your euclidean distance should look something like the above.


  • Euclidean_Distance_to_Water.img
  • Euclidean_Distance_to_Water.asc

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